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This is the blog of Rainbow Adboard.

It will be used to bring all the latest news and information for members and non-members and where any special offers will be posted!

If you've not already read the latest ads posted by our members, why not head over and check them out?


Latest News!

We are now open and taking free and pro members!  Why not join as a free member, enjoy the benefits of your sign-up bonus then take advantage of the low one-time upgrade fee and enjoy even more free advertising?

We are still tweaking bits and pieces, fixing anything that's not working correctly but your ads will be seen.  We are still having a few teething problems but at least we admit it!  You are more than welcome to come and join us! 

We have also added a 'Banner Adboard' and a 'Downline Builder' which is free to join and pro members of 'Rainbow Adboard' get a free upgrade!

All members get free banners and premium ads added to their account within 24 hrs of joining so don't worry if you can add and, you will get them!

Watch out for when Admin goes mad and adds bonus advertising to your account for keeping it in good order!  Some lucky members will get free upgrades to pro so watch out, you may log in to find you are one of them!

We like to keep our members happy so if you have any complaints, suggestions or want to say 'Hello!' we always love to hear from you so use the contact form on site or on this blog.

What we don't like is unhappy members.  If you have a serious problem, please remember to contact us first before filing a dispute with PayPal, that makes no-one happy and we can sort things out rather than getting them involved and maybe losing out reputations in the process.  Please see our 'FAQs' page for more details.

Please take the time to read the FAQs on this site, terms and conditions are listed on the Adboard itself so they won't be repeated here.

If you're not already a member - why not consider joining us!  Click here to go to the Adboard or use the link in the menu.

Happy Ad Posting!
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